The machining center based on 5-axis milling machine allows the execution of solids with complex shapes.

  • Milling

    Machining centre based on 5-axis milling machine allows producing blocks with complex shapes. We offer production of models and prototypes with 0.1 mm accuracy on 4000 x 2000 x 900 mm working surface. The milling machine uses precise CAM software for machining required shapes based on CAD model.We offer milling in: polystyrene foam, styrodur, wood, MDF, wood-like materials, PU foam, plastics, aluminium and brass. As a visual aid before making a natural size prototype, we offer:

    • making spatial CAD model with high quality rendering;
    • making smaller-scale model with 3D printer.
  • Spot metering workpiece.
  • Automatic change of cutters.
  • High power spindle (12 kW) allows operation of various materials.

Technical parameters

Working area Type of material Accuracy of milling

X: 2000 mm
Y: 4000 mm
Y: 1000 mm

  • polystyrene foam,
  • styrodur,
  • wood,
  • brass,
  • aluminium,
  • resins,
  • plastics.








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