3D Scanning

3D scanning  allows reflecting details of each object in electronic format.

  • Scanner has 5 advanced cameras, which make three-dimensional point measurement by creating point cloud with a resolution up to several million. The working area is up to 3000 x 3000 x 3000 mm. The control is done remotely, which makes the process of scanning easier and eliminates potential errors. Format recording is adjusted to customer needs.     

  • Precyzyjne skanowanie do celów pomiarowych.
  • Skanowanie 3D.
  • Rezultat skanowania.
  • Głowica skanująca.

Technical parameters

Scanning area Scanning accuracy Format recording

X: 3000 mm
Y: 3000 mm
Y: 3000 mm

0,002 mm stl, .cad, .3ds


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